One Month In

photo36We’ve been residents of Belgium for one month!

Things are the teeny-tiniest bit easier.  For me, at least.  I know how to drive the kids to school.  Don’t ask me to drive anywhere else, though.  Road rules are just too different that what I’m used to.  I predict at least one fender bender before our time is up.

The kids have both started school.  Poor Eliot has to go all day for the first time and is in a Belgian class.  All French.  I couldn’t do that.

First snow last night!  At least it makes the constant and continuous grey sky a little easier to handle.  We also got our express shipment today.  Of course we had no idea what should be in an early shipment so we randomly picked things and threw them in a pile.  The piles arrived today, still all pile-y within the boxes.  But at least now the Nutella brownies that I currently have in the oven were properly measured with real measuring cups and spoons.  Instead of eyeballing, which has been the version of measuring that I have been doing for the past four weeks.

While the movers were here, Belgacom showed up.  Internet!  TV! (though we don’t actually have one)  Phones!  (yeah, we don’t have those either)  Internet!  So it was quite a busy day here on Chausee de Beaumont.  Especially when the moving truck got stuck in the snow in someone else’s driveway and had to be towed out.


4 thoughts on “One Month In

  1. i am looking forawrd to reading all your posts. the house is cute from the outside! i like the blue door. i’m glad you are a bit adjusting, it will only get better from here! hang in there! can’t wait to have full on conversations with you in french!!!

  2. Great post. We’ll be faithful followers of your blog. I’ll forward the site to Gran! Beautiful house you live in. And now you have measuring cups! Eliot will be fine in a few days. He also will be totally bilingual!

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