Life in an empty house


Wondering what to do in an empty house?  Here’s a short list to get you started.

1. Sit around wondering when your stuff is going to arrive.

2. Skateboard.  Santa brought one for Christmas so the kids have a lot of clear floor on which to practice.

3. Vaccuum.  Use that loaner vaccuum, with no attachments, to suck up crumbs and dust off what seems like miles and miles of cold stone floor.

4. Stare at the dried up Christmas tree that you can’t bear to take down because that would be one more empty corner.

5. Get bored, hop in the car, head to Target…. oh, wait, no.

6. Laundry.

7. Crafts with the recycling.  So far we have ray guns made from empty bottles, a castle made from a moving box, owls made from toilet paper rolls and a Squinkie town made with water bottle tops.  Then explain to the kids again that the googly eyes, good glue, felt, fabric, and paints will be here soon, I promise.

8. Eat a waffle.

And that’s my list.  Enjoy.


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