A Walk in our Backyard


What do you do on a chilly Saturday afternoon in Belgium when you still have an empty house?  Take a walk.  Though we live within the city of Mons, we are right on the edge so a five minute walk down the street lands you in farmer’s fields.  It will be interesting to see what grows there in the summer, but right now the fields are bare, except for the cows, which we can see from our kitchen window.


The kids love a good walk and spent a lot of time searching for animal footprints.  Several dog tracks were found, a few large birds and, something we don’t see in Virginia, wild boar prints.  Lots of those, actually.  I’ve never actually seen a wild boar but B assures me that they are definitely there and that he had many dinners of wild boar while growing up here.  The other way I know they’re out there?  The hunters we saw, and heard, this afternoon.


Maneuvering through the icy tractor paths was surprisingly easy, due to the quick trip the the Shoe Discount (pronounced shoo discoont) to purchase boots for those of us who came to this country unprepared (me).


Other discoveries today included farmers chainsawing a tree that had fallen across the road, the bonfire said farmers had going to get rid of the tree, a yard full of chickens, a cozy restaurant just off the path that we will definitely have to try though I may shy away from the snails and frog, both of which were offered on the menu, and a Belgian license plate that had fallen off someone’s car which will be proudly displayed in L’s bedroom.


3 thoughts on “A Walk in our Backyard

  1. What? Your flip flops weren’t cutting it? 🙂 We miss you guys, but I’m so glad to see you’re making the best of an empty house.

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