A Brocante and a BMW


It’s been a long week of snow.

Another long week of trying to settle in.

The kids were off Monday, due to weather conditions which probably didn’t stop most of Belgium from going to school but SHAPE is a little more conservative.  Probably due to the fact that the base schools have actual school buses, which don’t exist elsewhere in Belgium.  My mother-in-law (hi Patty!) thinks it’s because Americans can’t handle winter weather.  Of course, she has me as an example.  Driving in all this snow and ice and slush and muck makes me very nervous so I was perfectly content spending the day with the kids at home, since that meant that I didn’t have to get up before dawn to take them to the base.  So, instead of school we walked to the park.  Parks are something that European countries do very well.  They all have playgrounds and statues and long walking paths and ponds with ducks and geese to give all your stale bread to.  Speaking of geese….


These guys did NOT want us on their bridge.  We were tossing bread in the water and around the corner comes this goose gang.  Honking and hissing…. One kid ran.  The other followed.  I hope they’re not scarred for life.

Speaking of scarred… never put your hand inside a wine glass to wash it if you think you MAY have heard it crack when it tapped another glass.

So one of my top reasons for wanting to move to Belgium is the traditional brocante, or flea market.  Actually and brocante and a flea market are different things.  Not to be confused with a marché….



Three Euros!  Three!

So, what else happened this week?  I got my driver’s license.  After a four hour class and a nerve wracking test.  So we bought a BMW.  Not actually because I got my drivers license.  We needed a second car.  A dumpy old Opel that looks like every other car in Belgium just wouldn’t do.  Right?  And it has lots of room in the trunk for all my brocante finds!

Also this week…

I got a hug from a nurse.  L does not like shots and needed one for school.  The nurse took pity on me because my daughter was so, let’s just say, hard to be persuaded to sit still.

I finally saw the Admiral.  Driving past very quickly.  Ben’s boss gets a ride to work surrounded by a security detail that includes Belgian police with flashing blue lights.  He has guards everywhere he goes.  Including the brocante, which I hear he frequents.  Maybe he’ll give me a ride next time.

I turned my grandmother into a blog reader.  Hi Gran!


Until next time!


3 thoughts on “A Brocante and a BMW

  1. Love getting your blogs and hearing what  is going on in Belgium.  What fun to have a BMW as your grandmother is still driving a 1997 Toyota.  Do hope it lasts.  Everything is quite dull he re in Osterville.  I checked on the ice in Eaast Bay and there is a lot and also at the end of Sea View Ave.  There was a man there kayaking between the ice.  Mighty cold for that.  David had a great time in Austria.  He sent me some pictures of the Alps and where they skied. He said ev erything was perfect.  E ven the flights over and back.  Like hearing about the Brocante.  Gran

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