Boxes and Bonfires

A single day off for Presiden’t Day?  Bah!  That’s so American.  The kids in Belgium got the entirety of last week off.  For Carnaval.  Yes, they do like to celebrate here.

So, what did we do with an entire week off?  Very little.  We still have that one-car situation going on and Ben had to work.  And was I going to get up at a dark 7:30, drag the kids out of bed, load them into that single car to take Ben to the base?  No.

Of course, that meant that the kids and I stayed home all week.  In a house full of boxes.  Because our stuff has arrived!  But hasn’t been unpacked and put away, due to the houseful of kids.  So I have my work cut out for me this coming week as the boxes are driving me crazy.

City Hall, Mons Grande Place Geocache

Last weekend we took a stroll through downtown Mons and picked up a geocache right in the Grande Place.  I really like downtown Mons.  Small enough to maneuver but big enough for several waffle stands.

Downtown Gauffres

This past weekend we loaded into the (single) car and headed out to Tilff to visit Bon Papa and Mamaman.  Guess what we found when we were there… More Carnaval!  Tilff doesn’t feel the need to abide by Mardi Gras as the ending date for partying.  No, no, no.  Saturday evening in the main square we stumbled upon an enormous bonfire (and several of Ben’s brothers).  Coco grabbed the kids and off they went to join the line of witches and giants doing circles around the fire to the beat of drums.  This is absolutely not something you would find in the U.S.

Tilff Bonfire

Tilff Bonfire Smoke

Sunday included my favorite pasttime, a brocante, followed by a visit with Marjolaine and Quentin.  A walk in the muddy woods is a good way to work up an appetite for crepes.




And, now, it’s time to unpack.  Wish me luck!


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