Life Continues

Our life in Belgium continues.  I’ve been busy unpacking and trying to turn this chilly house warm with our things.  Pictures on the walls, rugs on the floors.  Ben has been busy working, working, working.  We’ve both been busy worrying.  Ben’s father has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months.  Currently, he’s in.  Ben’s sisters from America came to see their father for what they thought would be the last time, leaving yesterday under totally different circumstances.  Emotions have been running high.


So we decided a little fresh (cold) air would do the four of us some good.  Who wants to find a geocache?

Geocache Log Geocaching Esneux

First stop, Esneux, the village where Ben grew up.  Next stop, Liege, the city where Ben grew up.  Yes, Ben grew up in two houses, one during the week, one on the weekend.  City, country.  How worldly is he?

Cathedral Geocache

We found this one outside la Cathédrale de Liège.

Liege Cathedral

Do you think they have a basement rec room where the local Brownie troop meets?


The first time we brought E here he said, “This looks like Hogwarts”.

He’s right.

Yesterday we said goodbye to Ben’s sisters and headed toward home with a stop at a market/brocante first (of course).

Keys! Market candy stand

Afterward, we headed to a park so the kids could burn off some energy before getting back in the car.  The playground was next to a river.  A cold, cold river.  The temperature did not stop this from happening…

photo57 photo58

photo59 photo60

A train pulled up and dropped off a large group of people in wetsuits.  They walked over the bridge, zipped up and and stepped into the water.  There were individuals who took it as a serious race, and others, in groups, dressed as indians, or in hula skirts or wearing crowns, who were obviously not there to win.  Some had their own floating coolers and one group had a grill, flaming, floating on a raft made of strapped together inner tubes.  As quickly as they showed up, there were gone.  Later we asked Ben’s mother about it.  She said it’s a yearly event.  They float down to the next town, dry off, and (I can only assume) drink until they warm up again.

Next stop on our way home was Dinant, birthplace of Aldolph Sax, inventor of the saxophone.  Belgium is a tiny country so any contributions made to the world by a Belgian are celebrated fully.  Dinant is built right up against a 300 foot cliff.  Seriously, it goes stone cliff, tiny alley, downtown stores.  One big rockslide would be enough to take out the town.

Dinant, Belgium

On the top of that cliff is a Citadel.  To get to it you take, get this, the world’s shortest cable car ride.  While we were up there we took a tour of the Citadel, with a tour guide who spoke lots of languages but only used French.  This had the kids (and me) yawning, but gave us a beautiful, if dizzying view.

photo63 photo61

It’s going to be in the upper 50’s this week.  Time to break out the flip flops!


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