The Sick has Invaded

These poor kids.  Can’t catch a break from the sick.  Ever since arriving in Belgium we’ve been bombarded by germs.  Stomachs, noses, throats.  I’ve been carrying tissues in my purse since October.  L was hit particularly hard last week and stayed home from school from Tuesday through Friday.  Today I loaded her up with Children’s Advil, water bottles and Kleenex and sent her back to school since her fever was (almost) gone.  Wish me luck that the strains of the second grade won’t send her spiralling back down again.

We did manage to squeeze in a few short adventures this weekend.

Trio Balade

Marjolaine and Quentin gave us, for Christmas, a tour of Mons from this little vehicle.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, as tour guides should be, and told good stories.  The bike was partially covered but it was a chilly ride, nonetheless.  We were prepared with blankets and winter weather gear so we were comfortable enough.

100_7053d 100_7053c


Only three could ride at a time so we took turns.  While waiting for the first three to come back, L, Ben and I had a quick drink at one of the many, many restaurants on the Grand Place.


(Feeling a bit better after a chocolat chaud)

Mons City Hall Saint George and the Dragon

100_7064 Mons Grande Place

Big thanks to M and Q for the tour!  We love our new city and this was a great way to learn more about it.

Adventure number two was a quick trip to Chimay, the town, not the beer.  Though Chimay the town, is where Chimay the beer is from.  Actually the beer is made by Trappist monks just outside of Chimay, but let’s not quibble.




100_7095 100_7098

Belgium still has a number of noble families, some of which still include princes and princesses, even though they are only distantly related to the current ruling royal family.  One of these families lives in Chimay.

Chateau de Chimay 100_7111

Chateau de Chimay

Storming the Castle

Sadly, no one was home when we knocked.

100-7090a 100_7112a

Found a geocache just outside the castle.  Then, as the rain began, it was time for a four o’clock.

Four o'clock

Keep your fingers crossed that the snow that plans to invade this week takes a detour.  April will be here soon and I’ve had about enough winter.  Bring on spring!


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