This is the week I got tired of winter


I am officially done with winter.  I’ve had enough.  The cold, the snow, the cold, the sleet, the cold, cold rain.  And the ever present grey, gray, grey, gray sky.  That’s right.  I used both grey and gray.  The cold and wet is keeping me from things I want to be doing so I am giving winter the boot.  Whether winter is listening remains to be seen.

This past weekend was the Ducasse de Messines in Mons.  A procession of something religious…. This time of year there seems to be an immense amount of religious ceremonies, parades, processions and giants.  I haven’t yet figured out how the giants fit into all of this, but, there you go.  Of course, the part of this weekend that I was most interested in was the Grande Brocante.  A big one!  200 stands strong!  But then the snow came.  So the brocante people did not.  There may have been 20 people there.  Damn you winter!  Day two of Ducasse weekend was supposed to start with the Grand Marche aux Fleurs, the big flower market.  Then more snow came.  We missed the flowers.

Snow, rain, cold and wind did not, however, keep us from la Fête du Chocolat, also in Mons, this weekend.  The central shopping district was filled with stands displaying, selling and sampling chocolate.

Cote d'or

photo7 photo6

Mannekin Pis made out of chocolate?  How Belgian can you get?

Little E got in on the action with the students from the local pattisserie school.

photo9 photo10

Yep, we took those chocolates home.  Yummy.

There was also an enormous chocolate cake.  Like, Real Cake.  Not crazy Belgian cake, which is really just something sort of cakey swimming in mounds of whipped cream.  This was a true, honest to goodness layer cake.  And it was good.

mmmmm... cake.


Next time I’ll be coming to you from deep in the snowy mountains of France.  Yep, more snow.  But this time we’ll be skiing in it.  So that’s better than driving the kids to school in it, right?


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