Skiing the Alps


Oops.  A little late on the skiing report.

I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.

100_7247 100_7249

100_7274 photo39


The quick review goes like this:

We saw the sun!  More than we’ve seen in a long time.  Of course that meant that the kids came home with serious goggle tan lines.

We heard more English than we’ve heard in a while.  British English, but still.

Tip:  Don’t come to a fancy ski area without a ski coat.  We left E’s coat in the hotel in Burgandy and had to buy him a new one.  Not cheap.

After Day 4, my patience with ski boots had reached it’s end.  I spent much of that day following Ben down two insanely long runs in tears.  The best part of that day was the view from the top, the Portishead that was playing at the cafe halfway down, and removing my boots at the bottom.  At then end of that day I officially called it quits.

The ski school we signed the kids up for turned out to be not a fun way to spend the afternoon, but the early prep for serious skiers.  Even so I offer this advice to Meribel… You should probably invest in some kid’s ski instructors who are, you know, good with kids.  Most children are there to have fun, not be the next world champion so maybe find some people who actually like kids and aren’t quite so disrespectful when speaking to them.  And tell them to purchase some good sunblock.  These women were probably no older than me but they’re skin looked closer to 70.  (What?  You can hand out the disrespect but not take a little?  Pssshhht.)

photo23 photo16

photo31 photo58


photo38 photo17


On the way home we spent the night at a (rather far) off the highway little town in the Champagne region.  Let me just say, rural France is beautiful.


photo70 photo69

See you soon with a recap of our weekend among the tulips in Holland!


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