Back to Normal

Our life got mostly back to normal this week.  No fancy ski trips, no zipping off to Holland to see the flowers, no visitors, no school breaks (sort of).  And nearly all our outings were in Mons.  After much adventure, I kind of like it.

100_7512b Allez Mons

The evening after we said goodbye to Nana and John we had tickets to a Mons soccer game.  Go Dragons!  I think I like watching soccer more than American football. Why?  It’s 90 minutes.  The end.  Sometimes they tack on a few minutes at the end to make up for missed time due to injuries, but maybe five, tops.  Game ends tied?  That’s cool.  And there’s always something to listen to as the serious fans never stop chanting.  Seriously, they never stop.

Day two of sport weekend had us in Tilff watching the Liege-Bastogne-Liege bike race.



Allez Philippe Gilbert!

Had to find a geocache while we waited.  In a pile of crumbled castle wall, of course.

Geocaching Tilff100_7515

Speaking of geocaching, we used Eliot’s Wednesday half day (this is why I mentioned that the kids sort of went back to school) to find a few caches near the base.  He’s always up for a search.

geocaching Mons

Lucie’s half day (sort of), was spent at the skate park.  She’s more of a scooter girl than a skateboard girl.


Friday was another half day for Eliot.  Will these kids ever be healthy?  I mean, really.

This weekend we made no big plans on purpose.  Ben needed to be free to run off to work at a moments notice (Which he did.  Twice.), so the kids and I took a walk.  We may still be wearing winter coats but my puffy eyes and runny nose say spring is here.


The dandelions here are no joke.  At full height they are up to my knee and they grow everywhere.  We didn’t need to drive all the way to Holland to see fields covered in yellow.  Here’s a fun fact for you.  We Americans called these flowers dandelions, a corruption of the french,”dent de lion”, or “lion’s tooth”, because of the leaves.  In French, though, they actually call them pissenlit, which means “pee in bed”.  Oh, the things I’m learning!

Sunday was brocante day, of course.  Mommy’s favorite day of the week.

photo26 photo22

photo23 photo24

Bowls of old yarn, vintage school supplies, disco balls, and accordian LPs.  Seriously, I love brocante day.

These came home with me….

photo32 photo31

That bell is loud.  They are used as doorbells so the louder the better.  This guy has been well used and needs a new chain but I love it.  Finding things with actual French writing on it is difficult.  Most everything is in English, though not often translated correctly, which is a blog post all by itself.

Outside the brocante gates, four ice cream trucks were jockeying for position.  We had been waiting in line at one when the driver got out of his truck to yell at his neighboring ice cream man for blocking his view.  We left his line.


Yep, the ice cream truck serves real ice cream, scooped into a cone and covered with real whipped cream.  No Shrek heads with gumball eyes on a stick here.

Who likes ice cream?


This guy!

See you next week!


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