Django et Pairi Daiza

It looks as though spring is actually here.

The sun is out.  The flowers are blooming.  We don’t wear mittens anymore.



Dandelion art by L.

We decided to use the warmer weather to head out and listen to a little jazz this weekend.  Gypsy Jazz, to be precise.  There is a festival in the town of Liberchies every year to pay tribute to Django Reinhardt, the great Gypsy jazz guitarist.  The face painter was talented, the snail races were funny and the music was great.  And there was a pizza bus.  What more could you ask for from a tiny village festival?

Django @ Liberchies



100_7656 100_7654c


Escargot Race

Sunday we headed out to Pairi Daiza, a fantastic zoo not far from us.

Pairi Daiza

Sorry Norfolk Zoo, San Diego Zoo, National Zoo….. you’ve got nothing on this place.

I mean, are any of you built around the ruins of a 17th century monastery?  No.  Do any of you allow visitors to feed giraffes with no zookeepers around to squirt you with hand sanitizer afterwards?  Let your lemurs free to jump on shoulders if the mood strikes them?  Indeed, allow five year olds to be hit in the head by a fruit bat?  No, no and no.  And yet every one of these things happened.  To us.  Yesterday.




I love the signs here.  This one is warns you that meerkats bite.  And you will bleed.

Or how about this one?


Be careful!  Don’t walk on the walls as you may risk falling into an exhibit and be eaten by animals.  And this could make the animals sick.  Thank you.

And about those bats… This was probably one of the strangest things we encountered.  The bats are kept in a crypt.  Yep, crypt.  Under the abbey tower…


… through a heavily curtained door, you walk into a very dark room.  When your eyes get used to the light you realize that these bats are not kept behind glass.  You have walked right into their house.  Pardon me, crypt.  And when you stroll in during feeding time, as we did, they are not casually hanging from the vaulted ceiling above you.  They are swooping everywhere.  And they often make contact.  L, who is not fond of any animals since the goose incident, took of like a bat out of hell.  Ah, ha HA!  I’m so funny.  E stayed behind and got personal with a bat.  And loved it.  Later, L decided to give it a second chance so we went back in.

photo3 100_7874a

Things were much calmer the second time around.  When the food trays are empty, the bats settle back in and hang from the rafters just like in Scooby Doo.  The whole experience?  So. Weird.


Oh, yeah.  We also found a geocache.

See you next week!


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