The Ice Saints

The Ice Saints are messing with me.

I thought warm weather was finally here.  Then I learned about the ice saints.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love folklore and old wives tales and the Farmer’s Almanac but enough already.

The ice saints are St. Mamertus, St. Pancras and St. Servatius who’s feast days are May 11, 12, and 13.  I’d  never heard of these guys until I had a conversation with my mother-in-law (Hi Patty!) about planting my garden.  She said don’t do it until the ice saints days have passed.  To which I replied, “What now?”.  Historically, the period from May 11 to May 13 was noted to bring a brief spell of colder weather including the last nights of  springtime frost.  Who knew?  Apparently everyone in Europe but me because the weather lady talked about it just last night after the news.  No wonder my little basil seeds haven’t sprouted.  They’re waiting for the saints to hit the road.

Just to give you a little perspective on what we’re used to in mid May….

May, 2011

May, 2011

May, 2012

May, 2012

And now here we have…

May, 2013

May, 2013

What a difference a continent makes.

Speaking of gardens and growing things, I’ve noticed a lot of people like to pick wild stuff.  I’m not exactly sure what they’re picking but we often see people on the side of the road or just inside a tree line collecting… I don’t know what.  It could be this…

100_7990 100_7976

Bear garlic.  You can use the leaves in soups and the flowers in salads… cool, huh?

On an entirely different subject, yesterday was Mother’s Day!  And how happy am I that Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, also knows as BROCANTE DAY!  Yesterday’s haul included three silver rings and a fake (but very real looking) cell phone for L, three books and a model T-2 for Ben, yet another old ceramic bowl from Holland for me and a whole battlefield full of little Army men for E.


What else did we do for Mother’s Day?  Geocache, of course.  We found two.  One on top of one of the “hills”, (which are actually slag heaps leftover from the coal mining days) that surround Mons, and one under a bridge at the foot of the hill, uh, heap.

photo5 100_8008a


After the hike up and down the hill, then searching for the correct path to get under the bridge we were hungry.  And since Mommies shouldn’t have to cook on Mother’s Day…



And a happy late Mother’s Day to all the mamans out there.  And a happy even later Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all of you to whom it applies.  Hallmark holiday or not, all mothers and spouses deserve all the recognition they can get.

Oh, and here’s a hint about next weekend’s adventure….


See you then…


One thought on “The Ice Saints

  1. I had the same conversation about the ice saints with my mother-in-law! I hope this means the weather will be warm now, the cold and rain is getting old fast.

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