London, Part One


If you didn’t get the hint from last week, our adventure this week was… London!  Actually, the hint was even more specific but we’ll get to that part much later.

So Friday I picked up the kids and Ben a little early from school/work and we headed straight down (over? west?) to Calais, France, got our passports stamped, and drove our car straight onto a train.  We took the Chunnel!  Or Euro Tunnel as I guess it’s actually called.  Thirty minutes later we were in England.  Green, hilly, sheep-y England.  Amazing!  Two hours of driving (on the left) got us to our hotel in London.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to pick up a quick breakfast to fuel our long day of sightseeing.

And the angels sing... Venti Cappuccino, please.

And the angels sing… Venti Cappuccino, please.

Guess what!  They have Starbucks in England.

Second stop, the tube.

100_8106 100_8109

100_8213aL was our map reader.

Third stop, the London Eye.  Let’s see London from above!

100_8127 100_8117 100_8115a

The trip around takes about a half an hour and you really can see the whole city.  We were lucky we had a clear day.  The kids spent most of the time playing with the screens that tell you what you’re looking at rather than looking out the window at the real thing.  My kids love anything with a screen.

100_8152 100_8169100_8171

Once we got down we headed out to see from below what we had just seen from above.  Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, double decker buses, bright red phone boxes…. you know, London.

photo16 photo13

Big Ben, Mini Ben and the other Big Ben

Big Ben, Mini Ben and the other Big Ben


And of course we had to find at least one geocache.  Guess where it was…


In the phone box!

photo20 100_8245a


Filled up with fish and chips and beer and burgers we headed off to the Tower of London.

Off with her head!

Off with her head!

The Tower of London is surrounded on all sides and across the river with huge new glass buildings, including The Shard, the biggest structure in Great Britain.  So strange to see so new and so old together.


Day One ended with an ice cream and a quick ride back to our hotel.


I just love those Underground signs!

Taking my boots off after that day was quite a relief.

See you tomorrow for a review of Day Two!


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