London, Part Two


Day two of our London weekend adventure started with a tube ride to Buckingham Palace.  I love me some royals so standing next to the balcony where this happened….


… was very exciting!  We got there about an hour before the changing of the guard but there were already people taking their place in front of the gates so we staked out a decent spot and waited.  We took turns taking quick walks around.


When the crowds really started forming we hopped back to our spot.  Then the jostling began.  There were two rather short women (yes, even shorter than me) standing right behind us who complained incessantly about not being able to see anything.  Then Lucie, who was standing right at the fence, started her complaining… “I’m so BOOOORRREEED”.  Then the six foot tall women to my left started throwing elbows.  Waiting is fun.

My favorite part of the waiting period happened when tall lady decided to get even taller and stand on the base of the gate.  Rather quickly a patrolling policeman told her to remove herself, “from Her Majesty’s Fence”.  His tone sounded less reprimand-y and more wounded by giant-lady’s disrespect.  I love the British.


Then finally something happened.

changing of the guard

“I caaann’t seeee”, elbow, elbow.

But at least Lucie wasn’t bored anymore.

100_8366 100_8402

March, march, yell, yell, march, march.  It was pretty much identical to noon meal formation at the Naval Academy.  Which you can see daily, with smaller crowds and fewer elbows.  But the hats are nowhere near as impressive.



The kiss balcony!

After checking royalty off the list, it was time for souvenirs.

Postcard, magnet, mug, stuffed bear dressed as a member of the royal guard, stuffed dog wearing a British Flag coat.

Check souvenirs off the list.


Didn’t come home with us.

After lunch it was time to head back to the car and get ready for our drive to Hogwarts!

(Or the Warner Brothers Studio.)

Here’s a tip.  Don’t trust the GPS when it tells you to drive through London, rather than around London.  Especially when it tells you to go through Chelsea.  On a game day.

Blocked streets, tons of swervy double decker buses, masses of people, all dressed in blue.

Needless to say, it took a long time to get there.

Tune in tomorrow and maybe, just maybe,

I’ll show you Snape’s hair.


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