My Confusing Garden


I’ve been neglecting the garden.  Or, I should say, I’ve been ignoring the weeds, hoping they’ll go away.

That hasn’t happened.

I just haven’t been able to get myself outside to weed on the very, very few sunny warm days that we’ve had because, well, who wants to waste a sunny warm day pulling weeds?

Today needed to be the day, or soon we weren’t going to be able to pull into the driveway because of the monster dandelions blocking the path.

Monster dandelions.

So I went outside to check things out.



When we moved into this house in late December, the yard was mostly dirt, due to the recent renovations, with a few scrubby bushes that didn’t look like much.  Plus a few bare trees.  So I thought, hey, clean slate.  Of course this is a rental house so my grand plans included a few tomato plants and a few herbs then throw some grass seed on the rest of that dirt and sit down with a cold drink.


Then it got the teensiest bit warmer and WHAM!  Everything sprouted.  At first it was just a few daffodils and tulips in some very strange places, probably due to the whole dirt digging that happened before we got here.  A few stray bulbs left behind.  But now I probably couldn’t count the amount of different kinds of plants and flowers and bushes and weeds, weeds, weeds that reside here.


The confusing part is, I don’t know what’s a weed and what’s not.  There are a few I can put my finger on.  But don’t want to… (ha!).  Dandelions, stinging nettles, those things that grow between cracks in the pavement, that long, sticky stuff that leaves rashes on your arms, tall grasses that can only be good as a place for ticks to hide.  See?  I’m no good at this.


But it’s not just weeds out there.  I’ve also got strawberries, daisies, poppies, gooseberries, ferns, heather, lamb’s ear,  lily of the valley, hydrangeas, azaleas….


So I did it.  I got rid of the dandelions.  Now where’s that cold drink?


One thought on “My Confusing Garden

  1. As usual, we love your post. Looks a bit different than when we were there. Just one daffodil and a few leaves on the arbor.

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