Another Walk in the Woods

Sundays around here are often reserved for a walk.  And brocantes.  But on this Sunday, only a walk.  In the woods.


We didn’t have to go far to find a trail we’d never been on.  About five minutes up the road.  We grabbed some sandwiches and headed out.

It takes E about 90 minutes to finish a sandwich.

It takes E about 90 minutes to finish a sandwich.

And about that Napoleon hat.  We visited Waterloo on our way to Brussels the day before.  He hasn’t taken it off for more than an hour since.

We came across all the basic walk-in-the-woods sights… tadpoles, snails, stinging nettles, horses, sheep, rain.



That was a never-ending sandwich.





What else can you find in the woods?


A geocache, of course.

The rest of our week was filled with work, final days of school for one, another two weeks of school for the other, expiring military IDs (oops) and a trip to Ikea.  Rental houses don’t come with light fixtures in Belgium so for the past six months we’ve been living with bare bulbs hanging from wires in the ceiling.  Not so pretty.  Now they’re covered with paper lanterns.  Hey, paper lanterns can actually come home with us after this.  And they cost 2 euros 50.  That last part was most important.


We’ve got some heat coming.  Wish us luck on our battle against the mosquitos with our no-window-screens house!


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