Midnight Sun

Summer’s here!  You know what that means… warm days, lots of sun…. ah, ha, ha!  No.

That is not what that means.

What the first day of summer means is light in the sky until late, late at night.


Sunset is officially after 10:00 p.m. so this sky was actually closer to 11:00.  Not so easy on the sleeping patterns.  Thank goodness for blackout shades.

So, what have we been up to?  Let me think….

Well, Ben works a lot.

E has finally learned how to swing by pumping his little legs.  You know, as parents, we’re always trying to teach kids how to swing by telling them to pump their legs but it’s just as much about the arms. Puuullll and kick, puuullll and kick.  So that’s how he finally got it.  That was one of my goals for this summer.  That and teaching L how to tie a shoe, which she has pretty much mastered as of yesterday.  Check, check.  My summer is now free.

What else?

We’ve found a few geocaches.

100_9146a photo2

This one was in Waterloo.  Hence the Napoleon faces on the kids.

We headed back to Pairi Daiza this weekend, to explore some sections we’ve never seen before.  Get this, they have an entire aquarium.  Not just a couple of tanks.  An aquarium.  Inside a chateau on the grounds.  Seriously very well done.



And we had to visit with the baby goats.  It’s spring, after all.

Almost lost my zipper pull to this guy

Almost lost my zipper pull to this guy

Next… brocante.  This weeks purchases included two hermit crab habitats for L, which are currently holding snails, classic French kid’s books for Ben to read to the kids, an awesomely crackly white platter and the fluted mold on the bottom right for me and a replacement Harry Potter broom for E, which has been christened the Firebolt, due to the first one, the Nimbus 2000, having fallen apart.

photo9 photo7

And speaking of badminton, the kids are getting pretty good.  Well, sort of.


I mean, how serious can you take it when you play in a dress that reaches the ground?

So far this week is sounding a lot like other weeks… geocache, zoo, brocante.  Well, with summer vacation approaching, I promise a bit more adventure soon, but in the meantime it’s business as usual.

The kids and I had a rainy Saturday afternoon to fill this weekend and decided to pick up some sticks to make God’s eyes.  Remember those weaving crafts from camp?  No?  Here’s a reminder.


We used fabric strips instead of yarn, but the end result is the same.  This was to be our “summer solstice craft”.  Since we didn’t have any sun to speak of, we thought we’d make some.  L’s, on the left, is titled “Summertime”.  Mine, in the middle, is called, “Mommy’s Lost Sun”.  E’s, on the right, is called, “Slytherin versus Gryffindor”.  Naturally.

See you next week!


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