Lunch in Filot

Ben’s brother, Benoit, loves to entertain.  And he’s very good at it.  So when you are invited to lunch at his home in Filot, about two hours from Mons, it is an all day affair.


Brigitte and her kids are visiting Belgium!  They just got here so our first day with them was Sunday at Benoit’s house.  The kids had a fantastic time playing together.  I believe war, or battle, or some other kind of fighting game that pitted girls against boys was the favorite way to pass the time, not unusual when every kid’s father is in the military.  Badminton, hide and seek, and figuring out the best way to get Uncle Pierre involved rounded out the afternoon.



While the kids played, we adults enjoyed sangria and grazed on truffle salami, olives, a special seasonal herring called matjes among other things.  Now, considering I have had wild boar dip at this man’s house, I’m never surprised by what gets put in front of me.



Ben’s family is very close and you can almost always guarantee that you will never see just one member without seeing several more.  Ben is one of eight brothers and sisters.  Five of them were there that afternoon.


Even the sun made an appearance!

I just love this house and garden.  Should Martha Stewart ever publish an international issue and should she ask me (a reader since 1995 I was recently reminded) what should be included, Benoit and Violette’s house and garden would be my choice.




Grilled saucisson, chicken wings, eggplant and boudin.  Salad, roasted potatoes, a delicious tzatziki.  Always a cheese plate, fresh strawberries over ice cream.  And every meal at this Martin house is followed up with Polish vodka.  Every. Meal.



A little more playing, a little more time in the sun, (the end of the day’s Tour de France stage for the men), then it’s time to head out.

But not without a saucisson for the road.


And on the way out?  A geocache.


Oh, and Happy Birthday Uncle Peehair!



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