Five in the House


Let me tell you, a house can get loud with five children under 9 years old under it’s roof.

Those happy faces you see up there are my two, and Brigitte’s three, all dressed in red, white and blue for the Fourth.  Unfortunately we had to miss our annual bike parade in Norfolk but to keep our minds off it we had cousins and an Auntie for a visit!

They came by train.  The Mons train station is undergoing serious renovation, as is everything in Mons, to get ready for 2015, when Mons will be the Cultural Capital of Europe.  What that means for us is construction everywhere we go.  The train station will eventually be beautiful, but right now it’s a mess.  Even so, it was easy to maneuver and the lady behind the window spoke perfect English to direct me to the proper platform.  The kids spent our waiting time quoting Harry Potter.  “The same every year, packed with Muggles, of course.” ” Platform 9 3/4 this way!”

Because they were with us for the Fourth of July, we headed to SHAPE in the afternoon to celebrate with all the other Americans.  Not even chilly, damp weather will stop our Independence Day party.





On day two we had to get the kids out of the house, and what better way than with the promise of pizza.  We found a kid friendly AND yummy pizza place.  Perfect.


Then a stop at our local park before heading back home where the kids got loud again.


Now here is where I have to give a big thank you to Brigitte.  Ben and I were invited to the Chateau, the home of General Breedlove, for a party on Friday night.  Brigitte offered to babysit all five kids.  Alone.


All. Five.

Thanks Brigitte!


Not bad, eh?

By day 3 it was finally time for a tour of Mons.  We had promised all five kids that we would look for a geocache or two also, so two birds…




photo28 photo31

The kids had a great time playing together.  Sleeping in each other’s rooms, playing more battle games,


tossing things out windows, Curse of the Golden Goat, croquet, Monster in Paris…..


and ice cream.

Thanks for coming to visit, Richie family!

See you again soon!


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