Summer Plans


Summer took it’s sweet time to get here.

And it’s not just the weather’s fault. (Believe it or not.)  I mean, E was in school until the first of July.  But now it’s time.

The forecast says the next ten days will be sunny and warm.  Granted, it’s rarely accurate, but I’m going to trust it anyway.  Because summer has requirements.


Like making lemonade.  And picnics.  And bike rides.  And grilling hot dogs.


And growing tomatoes.  And geocaching.  And skating.  And also…



… the beach.

Now usually we live at the beach, so we’re there three times a week.  But this year (and next year, and possibly the next), it could be a problem.  Luckily, at least for this summer, problem solved.


(South of France!  I can’t wait!  I can’t wait!  I can’t wait!  I can’t wait!)

So anyway, our promised summer weather had better show up.  Because the season is short.  And we have a lot to do.



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