I Thought I’d Never Say This…

It’s hot.

And I’m not going to complain, per se.  It’s just not the sort of hot I’m used to.

The hot I know is HOT.  Like, 100’s hot.  Plus humid.  Really, really humid.

This hot isn’t too hot.  Right now it’s 90 degrees (Fahrenheit).  Which isn’t bad.

The problem is, this is the kind of hot you can’t escape from.

You see, we have no air conditioner.  And nobody else does, either.

When I say nobody, I mean nobody.  Not the grocery store, not the library, not the cafes.

You know when, on a hot summer day, you stroll into the mall and you are blown back into the parking garage by the sheer force of the cold air mass you just walked into?  And if you’re planning on going to the movies, you had better bring a sweater because you are certainly going to freeze in there wearing the sleeveless shirt you chose because, well, because it’s summer?  Not so much in Belgium.

So we plan all of our outings in the morning and spend the afternoon hidden in the house with the curtains drawn, never venturing upstairs.  And we don’t complain (too much) because next week it will be in the 70’s again.  So that’s good.

So what do we do when it’s hot?  Sprinklers may be involved.



And homemade bubble wands…



And we spent a day glued to the television watching the coronation of the new Belgian King..


Vive le Roi!

We also lost water for about 24 hours.  No sprinklers!  Also, no cooking for Mommy.  Down to the Grand Place for dinner!  You never know what you’ll come across down there.  More often than not you’ll find a bride-to-be, dressed in an ungodly outfit, out with her friends.  Can I tell you how glad I am this is not the custom in the states?  A night out with friends?  Good.  A night out with friends wearing a neon pink Holly Hobby outfit, complete with wig, selling candy out of a basket?  Bad.  So, yes, that night we did come across a bride but we also stumbled on a group of African drummers playing for a group of  (decidedly un-African) dancers.



What?  Who knows?  But the music was good.

100_9447b 100_9447a

And we hosted the Richie’s again, and this time Travis was here.  The kids played in the sprinkler, dueled with sticks, and picked and ate strawberries from the yard.  Good summer fun.

Ben showed them around a bit more, this time heading toward and into France.  The kids love Ben. In fact, all kids love Ben.   Something about him just draws them in.

Picture stolen from Travis.

Picture stolen from Travis.

Wonder what it could be?

We spent the evening with a few drinks, music quiet enough to not wake the kids and a card game.  At some point we wound up looking at some pictures of times we all spent together when we were much, much younger.  Times in Pensacola, FL and Meridian, MS and New Orleans, LA.  A time when quiet music and cards would have seemed so very, very old.

Ta Da!

End of a New Orleans evening.

End of a New Orleans evening.

Ah, youth.

The countdown is currently at three.  Three days until we head out of here!  Three days until Cannes!

See you on the other side!


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