Summer Vacation, part one

First, let me tell you, I have been really looking forward to this vacation.

The beach.

Getting Ben away from his million-hour-per-week job, even if he did check his phone on a regular basis.

Getting the kids away from the television and into water that did not come spurting out of a sprinkler.

Heat.  Mountains.  The Mediterranean Sea.

But first we had to get there, and that meant a long, long drive.

We headed south for hours and hours and hours, finally stopping for the night a little south of Lyon at a very nice, family run hotel.  With no air conditioning.  Which turned out to be a sign of things to come.

100_9447m 100_9447l

Here we had our first rosé wine of the trip, E made friends with a boy named Tristan and we learned from another visitor that we should brush up on our Russian if we intend to spend any time in the French Riviera.  Evidently it’s a favorite vacation spot for them.  The kids also made friends with the resident dog, another recurring theme.

Day two started out with breakfast by the pool, a quick dip for the kids, then back in the car for several hours of mountain driving.


I can now say I’ve driven through the Alps in both winter and summer and I have to say I prefer summer.  Warm, dry, green.  Beautiful.


We knew we were getting closer when we could hear a constant buzzing outside… the famous crickets, which are actually cicadas, of the south of France.  Up and down a few more mountains and we finally got to our non-air-conditioned house.  What is it with Europe?  I mean, air conditioning has existed for decades.  It’s not new technology.  Come on people.

But I digress.

And actually there was air conditioning.  In one room.


Guess what the house did have.  Besides beautiful views, those south-of-france blue shutters, olive trees, and a petanque court.  A pool!  Which is where we spent every at home moment.


The kids (and Ben) have all decided that we need to have a pool.  I agree.

So the reason we drove and drove and drove was for a beach vacation.

Saint Raphael

The closest beach south was Saint Raphael.  Beautiful blue-green, super warm water.  Crowded, but that was to be expected.  The kids were thrilled to be back at a beach.  We spent the day getting salty and sandy, which would happen again and again.



And so our adventure would continue…


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