Summer Vacation, part two

Now, where were we?  Oh, yes.  We were in the south of France.



We decided our day in Cannes would be a non beach day.  Don’t get me wrong, we went down to the beach but we only walked along with our feet in the water checking out the, shall we say, skimpy outfits.  Men really do not want to let go of the Speedo and, after the amount of money those women spend on their bathing suits it’s odd how many forget to put on their tops.  Cannes was the second best place to pick up sea glass that we discovered on our trip.  Probably because I’m the only person who walks along the beach in Cannes picking up trash.

100_9715a 100_9703


100_9677a 100_9702d


We also headed into the old part of the city, which I much preferred.  Small streets up on the hill looking down over Louis Vuitton and Cartier.  Which is also where we found a geocache.

100_9723d 100_9720a


It was time to get back on the beach after our day getting the eye from the security guards at Gucci.

Agay, France

Our next beach destination was Agay.  The coast near Agay is full of calanques, or coves.  Smaller beaches, protected mini bays, fantastic snorkeling.  Beautiful, beautiful, clear blue water.  Luckily we had masks and goggles because we spent a good deal of that day floating as a family with schools of fish, pointing and mumbling through snorkels.


100_9778 100_9773

Agay came in as number two on our list of favorite beaches.


Yep, I said number two.

And how do we Martin’s rinse off salt water?  With chlorine.


And we’re not done yet….


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, part two

  1. Oh, my god. That picture of Lucie on the red carpet. Add twenty years, change the attire, blot the sweat, and she’s premiering her film at the festival. She’s got the LOOK down.

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