Summer Vacation, part four


We may have left the south of France but we still had plenty to see on our way home.  We took a longer route home to hit some different places on our way.  First stop, Lago Maggiore in Italy.  The lake region is right on the border with Switzerland and includes Lake Como, home of George Clooney.  We didn’t see George but we did find an enormous amount of sea glass (lake glass?).  Either lake dwellers are serious litter bugs or, probably more likely the case, they don’t bother to collect it.  No matter.  More for me!

We headed out to see a bit of the town before dinner and stopped for a drink.  The kids became fascinated with a Pringles dispenser so we had some time to enjoy our little snack and very, very strong drinks.

Moving out we wandered through the winding streets, visited a church or two, then decided it was time again for a swim in the hotel pool.

photo10 photo8a


We found dinner right outside our hotel, pizza and pasta, of course.  Come on, it’s Italy.  Followed by gelato.  Naturally.

photo15 101_0138


The next day we had no plans to drive through mountain passes, a good plan considering the little rider in the back who so easily gets carsick.  Unfortunately we hit a bit of traffic.  Which resulted in a complete standstill.

So into the mountains it is!  Sorry L.

The views, though….



Ever written your name in the snow in August?

Mountain driving finally behind us, we spent the night in Colmar, in the Alsace region of France.  A very pretty town that we will have to revisit as, by then, I think we were all looking forward to getting home.  Some day we’ll be back to wander the streets, sightsee and shop but it was time.



So to recap:

Family members sunburned-4

Pool days-11

Beach days-6

Grilled dinners eaten by the pool-5

Bottles of Provence rosé purchased-9

Days carsick from mountain driving-10

Petanque games watched-3 consecutive

Petanque games played-2

Number of air conditioned bedrooms-0

Jazz concerts attended-1

Geocaches found-3

Countries passed through-5

Bono sightings-0

Yay for family vacations!



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