Summer’s Over

Wait, what?

How is that possible?

Yes, according to the weather folks, summer actually lasts for, what, six more weeks?  But according to the school schedule for at least one of my kids, summer only lasts for two more days.  And that is just so wrong.

Summer is supposed to end in September.  After Labor Day.  That’s when the fall tv schedule starts.  That’s when the September issues of magazines have cute, “remember when” last page articles about school bus routes through the country or full spreads about healthy, packable lunches.  That’s when the weather gets ever so slightly cooler and the leaves show signs that they might change soon.  September is when your brand new, first day of school outfit might include a long sleeved shirt, rather than the same old summer clothes you wore to the park in July.  September signals the end to grilling out every night and eating outside on chairs draped with still drying towels.  September is a clean slate.  September says fall.  August 16th does not.

I mean, my tomatoes haven’t even turned red yet.  Seriously, they haven’t.  Big green balls trying to get red.  Of course, that’s more Belgium’s fault.  In the states I would have been eating garden tomatoes since June.

And, AND, my plan for this school year was to get more organized.  For some reason, last year I had a very hard time keeping things straight.  I blame moving to another country.  So, having this year sneak up on me as it has does not bode well for complete organization.  And, AND, kid number two doesn’t start on the same day.  He’s got two more weeks left.  And even that’s still August!

Just add this to my list of things I dislike about Belgium.  Haven’t seen that list yet?  Oh, it’s coming.

And, yes, I see the irony in complaining when I just finished documenting my most glamorous trip to the south of France, but, really, I’m just not ready.  There is still so much to do, so much sun to absorb, so much relaxing time still to be had with both of my children by my side.  Oh, well.  I guess that’s what all those week long vacations during the school year will be for.



5 thoughts on “Summer’s Over

  1. I had this exact same rant last night after walking home from the park shivering in AUGUST! Well, minus the kiddos part. But, seriously Belgium, stop it. Although, when I get annoyed at this country, I also have to remember that we were at a park next to gorgeous x-th century monuments and speaking french to Parisians and leaving for yet ANOTHER holiday tomorrow. I guess I can’t complain that much….

  2. One of the only things I love about being stationed in Washington is not starting school until after Labor Day. Of course, we are in school until mid- to often-very late June, but …

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