Summer Extension


Welp, I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet if the last two weeks have proved anything.  I mean, just because one kid has gone off to school already doesn’t mean summer has to end just yet.  It’s creeping up on us, though.    Kid number two heads off to school this Thursday, so by then it might be time to let go.  Which, I gotta say, is fine by me.  As no one loves fall as much as I do.  No.  One.

So, what have we been up to, you ask?  We had a day of kayaking in Dinant, to start.  A very nice trip, the peace only occasionally pierced by the screams from other groups trying to tip each other over or a father and son yelling at each other because neither of them knew what they were doing and somehow just kept paddling in circles.  But other than that, totally peaceful.

photo4 photo1


Yeah, we paddled past a castle.  You know what we paddle past when we kayak in Norfolk?  I-64.

What else?  We found a couple of geocaches.  One of them was in the Mayor’s Garden behind city hall.  Yep, you just walk right up to a stone in the wall of city hall and remove it.  What?  And another in a new series devoted to World War I sites, as Mons has plenty of them.

photo18 photo16

We decided we needed at least one more beach day for the summer so we headed out to the North Sea and parked it on the piece of beach directly in front of the apartment that Ben and his family used to rent every summer.  Beach days rule.



We also took a family bike ride.  Belgium has a system, called RAVel, which is a network of dedicated lanes for “slow traffic”…. bikes, horses, runners, strollers…. which is just fantastic.  They are, for the most part, long paved trails away from any main roads.  Most of them run along the canal that weaves through the whole country, or along old railway lines or along the edges of farmland.  It’s quite a nice system. In this case we ended at L’abbaye de Bonne-Esperance, an old abbey-turned-boarding school.  That also serves pie.  And we found geocaches hidden along the trail.  And a rainbow!  Score!


bonne esperance


Then there was school and homework and multiplication tables reviews and tennis lessons.

And a birthday.  Happy Birthday, Honey!  You’re catching up!

And a birthday calls for a birthday picnic.  That’s what was requested.



So, yes, we have called a halt on fall.  At least for a few more days.  And I haven’t even told you about this past weekend, which involved visitors and THE BIGGEST BROCANTE IN THE WORLD!!!  Oh, fine, not the world, but the biggest one in Belgium.  Which made me happy.
See you soon!


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