My Week in the States


Well, that week flew by.

Not for Ben, of course, but for me.

You see, Ben was here in Belgium while I was in the states.


For one whole week I didn’t have to worry about right priority, I could order a drink and expect it to come full of ice, and everyone made perfect sense to me (language-wise and otherwise).

I flew from Brussels to Baltimore all by myself.  I mention this not so you’ll be proud of me for navigating an airport alone but because flying by myself meant a full nine hour stretch during which time the only person I had to take to the bathroom was me and the only question I had to answer was, “red or white”.  Yay me!

I got into Baltimore on time, cruised through customs, and was greeted with enthusiastic hugs from family.  Yay me!

Then I went to bed.  Jet lag.

eastport boats

I’m from Annapolis and I never realize how pretty it is until I leave and return.  Living there means complaining about tourists, always losing your parking spot and driving past beautiful bays and rivers without really seeing them.  Just like any hometown it just becomes background.  But when you come home after being away for a while, you really see it again.

annapolis yacht club

Sunday meant a visit from my sister and her children.  Her kids are exactly like mine.  Our girls were born a month apart, our boys two months apart.  So for the day, I had replacement kids which made me miss my own.  And then I remembered my by myself flight.  (Yay me!)


One of my main reasons for coming home was to visit my grandparents.  First stop, Cape Cod.

My sister and I used to spend every summer in Osterville, from the week school let out in June until a week before it started in September.  No complaints here!  I only got to spend a few days here this time but we packed in all the important stuff.  Lobster and Four Seas ice cream, beach walks, geocaching, driving past all former homes, Craigville Pizza and Mexican, Wianno Club lunch (we did a lot of eating), searching for sea glass but finding mostly shells.

photo17 photo29

photo32 photo30


On our way home from the Cape we stopped in to visit my grandfather.  We had a very nice lunch (more eating) with my New York family.  Thank you Cathy and Raleigh for having us.  I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer.

Back in Annapolis, it was time for some shopping, because, well, Belgium doesn’t have Target.  And who better to shop with than a sister?  Lindsay drove all the way back to Annapolis to spend the day at the mall.  So how did we celebrate?  Selfies.  (Yay us!)

photo43 photo45 photo44

photo41 photo39 photo40

photo38 photo37

My final day was spent having new glasses adjusted, returning duplicate clothing items and walking downtown for one more quick geocache at one of the historic homes in Annapolis which was being set up for a wedding reception.  We were peering under bushes and over fences, not caring who saw us.  Found it!  Then the bride showed up.  Our cue to leave.


It was a quick week, and I didn’t get everything done I wanted to get done (sorry Norfolk friends!  You’re on the schedule for next time!), but I’m so glad I went.  But now it’s time to be home.  In Belgium.


Miss everyone already!


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