The other night Ben and I were making plans for the next few weeks when I noticed that the calendar now holds “Liege Fair” twice.  Now let’s remember that Liege may be his hometown but it’s 90 minutes away and it’s just a fair.  Which I pointed out.

“Yeah, but it’s an awesome fair”.

So fried foods and carnival rides are going to take up two of our weekends over the next month because Ben has fond memories of them from his childhood.  This happens a lot because all of Ben’s memories from his childhood are fond.  I love this.  And I really, really hope that our kids remember their childhood the way Ben remembers his.  Of course, he also says he recalls bright, sunny days in the winter so maybe his memory is a bit selective?


Doing things together, as a family, is number one on the list of “How to Have a Happy Childhood”, so that’s what we do.

Things like attending concerts in the grande place, hiking in the woods at night with flashlights to find a geocache (and lots of spiders), picking though brocante tables to find just the right Playmobil toy,



la Fête de la Pomme and it’s apple cart ride through the orchards, picnics, ice cream, tennis tournaments, and driving to the highest place we can find to watch the sunset.



And even if they don’t remember that at that tennis tournament they watched Xavier Malisse play his last professional match or that there was a funny Belgian gentleman behind them on the apple cart tractor ride, (or that the name of the band they saw at the grande place was Hong Kong Dong),  I hope they remember that they had fun.



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