Light, Color and Sound


A rainy, wet week left us needing a little outside action and our weekend in Liège gave us just that.  Saturday was filled with the la foire de Liège, the biggest fair in Belgium.  It lasts for a month.  A month!  Right in the center of the city.  Good lord, it was loud.  And bright.  And colorful.  And loud.  And on this Saturday evening, it was packed with people.  Rides, fried dough, more rides, more fried dough.


The kids had a good time, to say the least.  Dragon roller coasters, pony rides, haunted houses, fried dough, big slides, fried dough…


I should point out its not all actually just fried dough.  I take that back, it is fried dough, but every shape has it’s own name.  There are balls, called croustillons, there are real waffles, gauffres of course, then there are the lacquemans, a sort of skinny waffle, sliced open and drenched in a cinnamon-y drippy glaze.  All of this and they still haven’t figured out the funnel cake.



The only one with his arms in the air…. Ben.

It wasn’t just the kids who wanted to ride, after all, this is the fair of Ben’s youth, so up he went on some giant swinging, spinning arm thing.  It made me want to vomit just watching.  Or maybe that was the fried dough.




Along the way we caught up with Geraldine, Emilie and Nicolas.  You’re never far from Martin family members when you’re in the Liège area.


Sunday was a day to take in a Standard de Liège soccer game.  Mons is the pits when it comes to soccer.  Standard is generally number one in Belgium.  The stadium is bigger, the fans are rowdier… and it’s still only 90 minutes long so I’ll take it!


We met up with some friends from Mons to show them what real soccer looks like.  We were all wearing red so we totally looked like we belonged.


Before the game there was a little display of a red and white cross in the “Hell-Side” section.  You know, the fans that have been drinking for hours and are ready for a fight at the slightest perceived foul?  So, whatever they were holding was shred-able because balls of it were thrown at the opposing teams injured players as they limped off the field.  Soccer fans are vicious.


See?  Don’t they look ready for a fight?

Standard tied with Charleroi, 2-2, in case you were dying to know.

And after, who did we see?  Why, Standard’s number one fan, of course!


Fred and the boys!  Like I said, you’re never far from a Martin…


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