All Saints Recess, part one

All Saints Recess?  Isn’t that funny?  Can’t you just picture them out there on the swings and slides, playing hide and seek?

Wait, that’s not what All Saints Recess means?

Nope.  It means the kids have no school for the week surrounding the Day of the Dead, though here it’s called All Saints Day, which is a little less morbid.

Even Ben took some days off so to start the week we headed to… Disneyland!  In chilly Paris, not sunny California.


We rode all the classics… Pirates of the Caribbean, the teacups, It’s a Small World, Space Mountain, the Phantom Manor (which E absolutely hated),

photo77 photo73

and a few of the newer rides… Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast,  Slinky Dog’s Spin, the Aladdin flying carpets…

photo82 photo68

The park was all done up for Halloween, Disney style.  You know,  Mickey-eared pumpkins, ghosts wearing baseball hats…  Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas was one of the only characters we saw strolling around the park that day.  It was our first Disney experience with kids and they had a great time.


photo81 photo75

Guess what was right outside the gates….


Why, yes, that does say PSL…  It is, after all, the happiest place on Earth.


If you happen to visit Disneyland, it is very late, but I highly recommend waiting until the fireworks display at the end of the day.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Fireworks?  At 10:00?  After a full day of endless lines and whiney kids and rain?”  But it’s not just fireworks.  Actually, the fireworks are the least impressive thing you’ll see.  They have put together a fountains and lights and fire and music show that is projected onto Sleeping Beauty’s castle that is just amazing to see.  Like, you know when everyone says you have to see the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas and you think, “Fountains?  Whatever.” , and then you see them and it’s really quite cool.  Multiply that times ten.


101_0874h photo83

So, first two days of vacation down.  What’s next?  A little rest, some laundry, a wind storm that blew all the pretty fall leaves off the trees.

Then, a walk in the woods.

But, first, a sandwich.



We stopped in Beaumont for a little lunch and a stroll around town.  Our strolls usually wind up taking us past very, very old things, and this time was no different.  We followed a sign that said “Salamander Tower this way”, but, you know, in French, and we found ourselves wandering around the walls of a thousand year old fortress.  Just dropped in the woods for anyone to see, and touch and climb on.  One thousand years old.


Medieval guard, Order of the Fox


Sandwiches finished, tower perimeter secured, we moved on to our actual destination.

We headed toward the “largest nautical site in Belgium”, which is a lake, if you can believe that.  Lac de L’eau d’Heure  and it’s surrounding area is quite a nice place for a walk, if you want to walk a really long way.  We headed out, planning on making our stroll a little shorter than we would have liked because it was raining.  No, pouring, but we had driven all the way there so, since you’re never going to do anything in Belgium if you can’t handle raindrops, we headed out anyway.




So we walked, found a geocache, walked some more, hoods up for rain, hoods down when it stopped.  Paused to skip rocks in the lake.  Hoods up again.


Keep walking… where’s the cut through?  How long is this walk exactly?  Ten miles.


Well, that just won’t do.  Let’s just slide under this barbed wire fence, dodge cows, closely watch where we’re stepping, then slide under some more barbed wire, and we’re there.

Always an adventure.photo95

And the week’s only half over.


One thought on “All Saints Recess, part one

  1. Such a cute picture of you and Ben! What a week you had! L and E are learning more this year than other children learn ever. Keep up the good work!

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