All Saints Recess, part two


Halloween is a big deal in this family.  I have more boxes labeled “Halloween” stored in my basement than I have labeled “Christmas” .  Decorating, festival-ing, pumpkin picking, costuming, and trick or treating are what I’m all about come October.  See here if you don’t believe me.  Our Addams Family costume photo even wound up here!


This year was a little different, though.  In the states I know how things work.  I know where to go and what to do to find just what I need.  Here in Belgium I, (to use a colorful expression), can’t find my ass with both hands.  I’m so lost.  And that lost feeling extended to costume prep.  I mean, when I needed an enormous coat to fit on 6 foot 3 inch Ben in order for him to become Hagrid?  Goodwill.  When I needed black and white striped tights for little Wednesday?  Target.  The fabric to make Daphne’s dress or Harry Potter’s Quidditch uniform or Hermione’s cloak?  Joanne’s.  All within a 15 minute drive from my Virginia home.

So this year, I made due.  Since there was no costume contest to win and we were going to have to wear winter coats on Halloween night anyway, I approached this Halloween with a little less fervour.  Still, as the usual suspects, we weren’t half bad.  Ben made quite an impression as a vampire, L wanted to be a black cat, E discovered mummies on Scooby Doo so chose that as his costume, and I did my best to keep my witch hat on in super-gusty wind.

101_0975f 101_0975e


The rest of the week was rounded out with some shopping in Brussels, a visit to see the newest member of the Martin family (welcome Olivia!) and a marathon geocaching run.  Mommy and Papa have discovered that if you drop both kids off at a birthday party, you can find a lot of caches in a short amount of time.

photo110 photo114


photo117 photo112


And so we reached the end of our first week-long vacation of the year.  And now it’s time to take down the bats and put up the turkeys.  Put away The Great Pumpkin and break out A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  And wish Ben and very happy anniversary.  Fourteen years!

I love you, Honey.



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