Death to the Werewolf


We’ve been doing a lot of walking in the woods lately.  Which is surprising due to the non-stop rain.  Yes, late fall has arrived, bringing with it the chill, the grey and the wet. The time of year when the excitement of early fall, with it’s just turning leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, and Halloween prep, has waned.  The threat of winter is looming.  So we keep our eye on the weather forecast and when the map shows a break in the rain, we head outside.  After all, we won’t get too many more chances before it’s just too cold.


This past Saturday was forecasted to be dry.  Not dry, dry, but there was going to be nothing actually falling out of the sky, so we put something kind of crazy on the schedule.

A night cache.

Geocaching at night.

And not just a single, traditional cache.  A multi-cache.  A geocache that requires you to find numerous places in order to collect enough information to find the actual, final cache resting spot.

Did I mention it needed to be done at night?

The reason for the night requirement is that the only way to find the first three hiding spots is by locating the areas with a flashlight.  Each hiding spot is marked with a reflector.  The coordinates listed get you to the spot to stand so that you can then swing your flashlight around and search for a light reflecting back at you.


See that little spot on the tree?  The coordinates took us 50 yards away.  Good thing we had a pretty strong flashlight.

A little background on the cache… GC19E9T, Mort au Loup-Garou (Death to the Werewolf).  It is hidden on the grounds of the Château de Colonster, just outside of Liege, and just a few minutes drive from Ben’s parents house.  The cache is designed around a story of the former mayor of Liege from the 15th century, who is currently roaming the grounds as a werewolf, of course.  Your goal is to find three items hidden around the forest, that will help you in your final battle against the beast.

We found them.  We battled.  We won.

photo12 photo11


Each item had a small tag attached, with the next hiding place’s coordinates.  Sorry, no cheating.  There’s a reason you can’t see the numbers on that tag.

For the most part, each item was near a trail through the forest. However, getting from waypoint two to waypoint three was going to take us way, way around the forest.  Of course, we had a former Belgian Boy Scout with us.

Trails?  Who needs trails?

Steep hills, prickly bushes, streams…. Nothing stopped this werewolf hunting party! ( But  don’t think for a moment that there wasn’t a lot of complaining going on.)

We finally, finally, (and when I say finally, I mean three and a half hours later),  found the werewolf.  Two red, glowing reflector-eyes just off the trail!  Gotcha Eustace de Chabot, former Mayor of Liege!


Victory!  Of course, we still had to make it back to the car.  Straight downhill.  Through mud and slippery leaves, in the misty dark.  We all fell.  Repeatedly.  And have the bruises to prove it.  E literally started rolling down the hill and had to be grabbed by Ben.  Adventure!

Thank you Indiana&jones, current owner and maintainer of this multicache.  Well done.

And if you’re interested in geocaching, or just want to know more about what the heck we were doing out in the dark woods, check here, and here.   It’s quite a fun family hobby.  Even if you never want to step foot into the woods, but especially if you do.



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