In Bruges

Bruges, Belgium
Will there ever, for the remainder of history, be a blog post about Bruges that is not entitled, “In Bruges”?

Doubt it.

We decided to head to Bruges for our first Christmas market of the season.  I mean, Bruges is, arguably, the most beautiful city in Belgium.  Deck it out in Christmas lights?  Even better.



The kids heard us say “Christmas market”.  They translated that to “fair”.  And when there were no roller coasters?  Well, let’s just say we had to find the one set of bumper cars.  Fast.  Because we were about to have a mutiny on our hands.

photo3 photo2

Crisis averted, we wandered some more, did a little shopping, looked at some lights, then hopped on a carriage ride for a little tour of the city, pulled by Marco, the horse.


Did you know they have been giving carriage ride tours of Bruges for over a hundred years?  A century ago people were looking at these same buildings and thinking, “Ooh, look at all the history!”.

Man, stuff is old around here.


I also needed a Christmas card picture so I made the kids pose.  Over and over and over again.  Yeah, they stopped liking that after about three minutes.

photo26 photo18


And then I wound up using something completely different.  Something that was taken before my camera conked out and I had to start using my phone for everything.

(Time to call up Canon.)


We’re headed to the Brussels Christmas market this weekend.  But before we go, I will be having a discussion with the kids about the difference between “market” and “fair”.


Next up?  A review of E’s Star Wars party.  And a visit from Darth Vader.

See you soon!


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