Vous allez croire aux fantômes

There was a geocache that we’d been meaning to find.  Only about a mile or so from our house.


Yep.  In an abandoned building.  An abandoned mental hospital.  That’s not spooky at all.

Yes it is.


Belgium is full of abandoned buildings.  Old chateaus, falling apart hospitals, train depots, schools, theaters…  and they are often easy to get into.  Not actually open to the public, mind you, but not protected by fences and gates.  Or at least not protected well and it was painfully obvious how many people took advantage of the openness.


Broken windows, burnt furniture, walls split open to get to copper pipes…

And ghosts.

(just kidding)


But we weren’t there to steal copper.  We were there to find a geocache.  We started at the top and worked our way down, coming across some unusual items on the way.  So much stuff was left behind.  Paperwork with names and addresses and diagnoses.  Beds.  Chairs.  Shoes.  And graffiti.


Even with lots of hints it took us a good hour to finally locate the cache, hidden in a wall behind some still there, not copper, pipes.  Everybody breathed a sigh of relief when we finally located it.  Then it was time to get out before the thieving, tagging, arsonists showed up again.  We take our kids to such safe places!


I definitely prefer walks in the woods or through cute little villages to find geocaches, but sometimes you have to do something a little different.  Should you care to find this one yourself, look up GC40MXF (Vous allez croire aux fantômes).


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