Ready? OK!

School has begun!  The kids actually seemed pretty happy to get back, too.  They missed their friends and their schedule.  The only part they didn’t miss?  Getting up early.  Even my early riser had to be dragged out of bed Monday morning.  It doesn’t help that the sun doesn’t come up until 9:00.

On our last day before school began we really needed to get out of the house.  The Wii had taken over the kid’s lives and a little fresh air seemed necessary so we did what all Belgians do on a partly sunny afternoon.  We went for a walk.


There were still a few geocaches in the woods behind our house that we hadn’t picked up so off we headed with a pen and the geocaching app.  We found the first one we looked for after a lot of searching in the wrong places.  Seriously Belgium, knock off the pages and pages of historical information and give me a description of the cache.  I mean, history is cool and all but it’s not going to help me look for a tiny box in the woods.


We wound up only finding one out of three we searched for, but I am absolutely certain that one of them is missing due to most of the forest where it is hidden being in the process of being ripped down.

3a 3

And #3 was at the end of a dark, wet, spider filled tunnel.  I’ll take Ben’s word for it about the description as I wasn’t setting foot down there.

With the restart of school comes the restart of after school activities.  Brownies, soccer, tennis, cheerleading…

Give me an S! Give me an H!

I always said I would never overschedule my kids with activities but they really want to do them all.  When I was a kid I was such a pill when it came to anything organized after school.  Just ask my mother how much effort it took to get me to gymnastics one day a week.  But they happily don their cleats and Brownie vest…

Me, age 8-ish

Me, age 8-ish

We opted for a mostly quiet weekend, which included heading to the base to see a movie.  The kids finally got to see Frozen.  I love the SHAPE theater.  It’s only one screen and only for SHAPE families so it feels so protected.  The kids get the run of the joint.  They always find friends and disappear to sit with them.  Ben and I get a date out of it, even if we do have to sit through the latest Disney offering to get it.

13 12

And, of course, Sunday is brocante day!  Otherwise known as Mommy’s favorite two hours of the week.  We headed back to Waterloo and it didn’t disappoint.

19 18

17 15

And no snow to speak of.  Now that’s a good start to a January.


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