Indoor Adventures

It’s February in Belgium.  So that means it’s cold outside.  Actually, it’s not really that cold at all.  Belgium seems to know that it has to pay me back for last winter’s never-ending feeling so we have been provided with a fairly mild winter so far.

Knock on wood.

Still, mild temperatures or not, February is a good time to find fun things to do inside.  So leave it to Ben to find a snowy winter indoors.


Snow World, Landgraaf is the largest indoor ski slope in the world.  We spent the afternoon getting our ski legs back in preparation for our coming trip to Austria.  Ben’s parents joined us in the restaurant that has views of the hill, and got to see L doing careful turns, trying to remember how to keep her skis parallel, and E, heading straight down the hill, arms out, no fear.  He has now earned the nickname Cannonball.


What other fun can we find indoors?  How about blacklight mini-golf?


Goolfy (with an extra “o” thrown in for fun) is on the other side of Mons.  Every hole is Belgium themed so there are lots of huge French fry obstacles and enormous beers painted on the walls.  By about the 15th hole, we were all getting a little motion sick from all the colors and lights.  Still, the kids had a good time and we stayed out of the rain.



Winter is also a good time for trips out for tea and crepes (and ice cream).  And buying new cameras.  (That last one needn’t have been in the winter… but was.)  After lots of comparison, I switched teams.  This Canon girl now has a Nikon.


100_0148 100_0153


Also inside, thankfully, are the kid’s winter sports.  Indoor soccer is essentially eight kids running after a fast moving ball.  E tires out quickly and is definitely looking forward to baseball season starting, with all of it’s standing-still-ness.  Miss Bossypants has elected herself head cheerleader, which is not actually a title on a team of 6 to 8 year olds, but in a group where she is one of a very few whose first language is English and she’s the oldest, and tallest one of those, she has stepped into the position, at least in her own mind.




Also moving inside for the winter… most brocantes, which is good since I’m pretty sure my pleas to go to one every, single Sunday would fall on deaf ears if I had to convince everyone to go out in the rain and wind to look at people’s old junk.

100_0012 100_0021_2


If this winter is anything like the last, we’ve still got months to go before spring gets here… before we can take the snow tires off the car and be assured that we won’t wake up to a thin covering of ice on everything outside, making even walking treacherous.  But as I sit here with my back pressed up against the radiator, I’ve got my fingers crossed, hoping that inside fun will be able to turn into outside fun.  Soon.



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