A Sunny Sunday

It’s amazing, the transformation of this little country, when the sun comes out.  It’s so rare, so when you see it you’re actually surprised.  Everything looks different.  Happier.  Even the inside of your house is different, with sunshine streaming in through the windows.  But who wants to be inside when the sun is, well, out.


As I’ve told you before, heading outside for a walk is a very popular thing for Belgians to do, particularly on a Sunday, often with a stop off at a café for a late afternoon snack.  Sounds nice, right?  It is, when the weather is good, which it was this past Sunday.  So, off we headed into the fields behind our house to enjoy some sunshine and soak in some Vitamin D.



 We stopped for our four o’clock snack at Le Vieux Puits, a cozy brasserie just around the corner from our house. We love the terrace here in the summer.  It’s one of many restaurants that has a playground to occupy the kids while they wait through aperitif time and then later, for the check.  Two crepes Mikado, one sorbet au citron and one (perfect) Moelleux de chocolat later, we headed back out the door for more traipsing through the fields.

100_0143_3 100_0144_3

100_0157_2 100_0174_2

We’ve been so lucky with the weather this winter.  I just keep waiting for two months worth of snow and ice to show up.  After all, it is only February… you never know what kind of weather we might see even through May.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that the sun sticks around.



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