Arlon and a Really Old Cache

Last Saturday we took a trip out to Arlon, in super southeastern Belgium, to visit Nicholas and Geraldine.  E spent the whole time talking away about school and Legos and his friends.  At least, I think that’s what he was talking about, as it was all in French.  By now, he is fluent.  And I am not.  For instance, at dinner the other night I told him, in French,to put his bum “in” the chair instead of “on” the chair.  In English, that works.  In French, it absolutely does not and he spent the better part of the next few minutes laughing, and pointing, and laughing some more, at his mother.


After a wonderful lunch of spaghetti Bolognese (thank you Nicholas) we decided to go bowling, as the rain would make a tour of the city a little… damp.  Twelve shoe changes later (six of which were for L) we were ready to go.



We said our goodbyes and hopped into the car for the long ride home.  Leave it to me to make it even longer by asking to go out of the way to search for a geocache I’ve been wanting to find since we got to Belgium.  GC40!  The oldest European geocache!  Well, there’s some debate on that title.  There is another cache, one month older, in Ireland (GC43).  But it was, at one point, missing for a year, then replaced with a different cache in a different spot, close, but not on, the original site.  SO, which is actually oldest, I ask you?  I’m going with the one in Belgium.  And, ha, ha!  We found it!


Actually, it’s super easy to find.  Especially with the number of people who search for it.  When we got there, a man and his son were already on it, so we hung back to give them time.  Then, before we left, a new group was already headed toward the spot.  That’s one popular box.

100_0084_3 100_0086_2

Then again, maybe we should take a trip to Ireland, just to make sure we’ve definitely found the oldest one.  You know, just to be sure.



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