Serfaus, Austria


Austria.  Well….

Nothing can be said about our ski week trip to Austria without first noting that each of us was sick for a good portion of the week.  The crazy stomach bug that was slowly picking off the kids in the American and Belgian schools on SHAPE came with us.  Man, it was bad.  However…. we persevered!  Vomit be damned!  I mean, we didn’t spend two full days sitting in German traffic to get there and not breathe some mountain air.


100_0579 100_0596

After last year’s meltdown, we smartly opted to not get a full week ski pass for me.  Day one, however, saw me on the slopes with the family.  Ski boots just do not agree with my feet anymore.  I feel slightly vindicated though, as I asked the ski rental guy about it and he described exactly what I was feeling with barely a prompt from me.  So, see?  I’m not crazy.  The rest of the week found Ben skiing alone, the kids in ski school and me on the bathroom floor (for day two, anyway).  Ski school this time around was less, “prepare for the Olympics”, and more, “have fun and learn a little”.  The kids had a great time and L has fallen in love with her first, but definitely not last, ski instructor.




Mardi Gras is marked in Europe with a lot of costumes.  Being in Austria kept us from catching oranges in Binche, but we celebrated just the same.  Serfaus provided us with a very Austrian mini concert in the street, performing what I assume were German language drinking songs.

100_0696 100_0694



How the people in Austria do not die of heart disease by the age of 35 can only be attributed to movement… skiing, waltzing, whatever else… because the food they consume should be served with a side of angioplasty.  For example, my “fitness plate” which was described as a “fresh garden salad topped with chicken”, turned out to be THREE chicken breasts on a pile of cucumbers, some shredded white stuff, and a mound of potato salad.  Ben ordered a “mixed grill”.  He was delivered a pile, yep, that’s a good word for it, of animal slabs including beef, pork, chicken, some extra bacon and a deep fried hot dog, on top of another pile of potatoes.  With a hot pepper on the side.  As a garnish?  Not sure.  I’m pretty sure E is going to wake up one morning having turned into a chicken nugget sometime during the night, but that will be all his fault as he refuses anything else.

100_0892 100_0893

We even had time for a few geocaches.  Ben did an awful lot of work, alone, to get the cache on the slope (GCTVQA), I went for a pleasant mini-hike to get GC31Y1E, and we all found GC24951 as a family.  We added caches in Austria, Germany, and Luxembourg to our geocaching list this week.  That makes nine countries so far!

100_0724b 100_0774

After a lot of traffic, our trip home finished on Sunday evening.  Later, after settling the kids in bed, I caught Ben back on his favorite travel booking sites checking out villas on the Italian coast.  Summer vacation!  Looks like the traveling Martins will soon be at it again…



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