Carnaval de Tilff

It’s carnival season.  Still.

And you know what that means.  Fried foods, confetti,  temporarily set up rides of questionable stability, and parades full of giants, witches, elementary school children, local royalty-for-the-day, and whatever symbol the city or town or village has adopted.  In Tilff, it’s the leeks.


The Porias Tilffois, the Leeks of Tilff, are part of the Laetare Parade, held at the halfway mark between Mardi Gras and Easter.  Meant to celebrate spring, they have a huge bonfire in the evening to burn the “Winter Witch”.  We missed the burning but we did get to participate in all other things “carnaval”.




A family of one of Ben’s colleagues joined us.  Sorry boys, don’t let the carnival get in the way of your Blackberry fun.


 So, after hamster balls in the water, the Music Express, frites, pitas, burgers, Jupiler and a quick phone break to check on the General, the parade began.


I’m not sure how many trees gave their lives for the amount of confetti that was showered down on us.  The kids had already spent the day tossing it at each other and their parents but that was nothing compared with what the parade had for us.


Five days later and I’m still finding confetti everywhere, including in the corner of the guest bathroom, under the couch cushions, and filling the dryer lint trap.

Happy Carnival season!













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