Changing Seasons

And by changing seasons I don’t mean winter to spring, as that change happened weeks ago.  Fingers crossed it sticks!  No, we’ve had other changes around here.  Small, but they still count.

  For instance… soccer is out.  Tee-ball is in.


E’s team is the A’s.  My very first baseball hat when I was little was an A’s hat.  Living near Oakland, that’s going to happen.  Full circle, I tell you.

Also out?  Cheerleading, (for now).  In?  Horses.

L has become fascinated by horses recently.  Luckily, we live in the middle of a lot of farmland so they’re not hard to find.  A horseback riding birthday party is in the works.  More on that later.

Speaking of Miss L, she had a little change herself.  My little girl is nine years old.  How did that happen?


This past Saturday we decided to spend the afternoon in Brussels and play tourist in our own, current, capitol city.  Grande Place, St. Gudule and St. Michael’s Cathedral, Mannekin Pis,  No Atomium this time.


Along the way, we chased down a few geocaches.  Four for four!  How about that!  Brussels has some fantastic caches.  People really get creative with their hides and aren’t afraid of hiding large sizes in busy places.  The rest of Belgium could take a lesson from the cache hiders in Brussels.

"We're just posing for a picture... pay no attention to what she's doing..."

“We’re just posing for a picture… pay no attention to what she’s doing…”


On our way out of town we stumbled on a park with paddle boats.  Why not?



Wish me luck entertaining two kids for two school-free weeks.  Spring break!  Two weeks of bickering, wii playing, snack wanting, tv watching, and hopefully a little adventure stuck in there, somewhere.

Some things never change.









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