Spring Break, Week 1

I remember spring break in the United States.  I remember thinking that filling those seven days with activities that would keep us all happy was taxing, at best.  Leave it to Belgium to extend spring break.  Two weeks to fill.  And yet, it doesn’t seem as hard to handle.  Maybe because the kids are older?  Or maybe because we just have lots to do.



Skating, in all forms, at the skate park on SHAPE; crafty projects including (so far) bird feeders, hammerhead shark masks, an Easter bunny garland for the fireplace; several marble runs, brocantes, and a birthday trip to the beach.

Who’s birthday,  you ask?  Well, mine.  Thirty-two (plus ten) years old!  To celebrate, we headed to the sea.  Blankenburge, on the Belgian coast.  Fortunately, the sun was out.  Unfortunately, it was chilly and windy and I had a monster cold so I spent most of our two days on the beach wrapped in blankets.

Blankenburge is a normal Belgian coast town, full of high rise hotels and lots of apartments.  Did you know that it’s fairly typical for Belgians to have a secondary vacation home?  Usually an apartment by the sea or cottage in the Ardennes?  And, if what I witnessed holds true, it’s also typical for grandparents to keep the grandkids for spring break.  Everywhere we looked, the grands were playing mini-golf together, or digging in the sand together, lunching together.  It was kind of cute.  Another thing I learned about the Belgian coast… it has the longest tramway In The World!  How about that?  It stretches from the French border to the Dutch border, the whole 70 km of coast.


And, no surprise, we went geocache hunting.  Found four out of five.  Not bad.  While signing the log on one of them, we weren’t being very stealthy, evidently, because a woman sitting near us asked, “Did you find the one by the church?”.  A fellow geocacher!  You don’t run into them very often.


“The One by the Church”

The rest of week one was filled with simple pleasures.  Meeting Ben for lunch, Wii games, a backyard bonfire, a freshly mowed lawn, and the first Grand-Large brocante of the season.


Week 2 awaits!







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