Spring Break, Week 2


By the time week two of spring break began, I was fully expecting cabin fever to set it.  The kids love the idea of no homework and later bedtimes and sleeping in (that last one might be just me) but after a full week plus of togetherness, the novelty usually starts to wear thin.  I must say, they surprised me.  The occasional squabble is nothing compared to the amount of time they actually got along.  Of course, even without an extended vacation away, we kept them busy.

With Ben at work, the kids and I spent some time exploring and playing locally.  We have a beautiful park just down the street that we rarely visit because L has a fear of the geese who live there.  Why?  See here.  I promised her we would stay on the side of the park sans geese and she agreed to an afternoon playing by the pond.  Because sitting in the grass staring at mallards isn’t always a kid’s idea of a good time, I folded up some paper boats to take with us.


Classic toys are classic for a reason.  The boats mesmerized the kids.  Will they sink?  Will they move?  Will they make it across to the other side?  Will one be attacked by a duck and capsize?  No, yes, yes, and yes.


We left the remaining boats to float around without us and headed to the playground, but the see-saws only held their attention for so long.  Then, much to everyone’s surprise including her own, L decided to take another turn with the geese.  It was a beautiful spring break afternoon so by the time we got over to the goose lake the surface with completely covered with stale bread.  The geese were so stuffed with everyone’s weekend bakery leftovers that they could barely move, let alone chase the kids.  I think her fear is gone.

Other days this past week were spent geocaching around some local villages.  Things we discovered while out and about looking for hidden boxes include:

A chapel behind someone’s barn that was built on a mass grave of XI century soldiers.  Eleventh century!

A different chapel, this one with running water that people believe has healing powers.

Art Nouveau style design on an old public baths building from the early 20th century.  No healing powers at this one.  Other than keeping cholera to a minimum, that is.

A beautiful new park in Jurbise (with petanque courts!) where the people are so friendly that I was greeted by the man emptying the trash bins.


 And, if all that isn’t enough for you, we also hit a brocante.  Spring break is fun.

And there’s more!  Two weeks is a long time to fill.






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