Horseback Riding Party

My daughter’s tastes change rapidly, which is par for the course when you’re nine years old.

One day it’s dragons, the next day it’s dogs.

One day it’s Legos, the next it’s Playmobil.

Salami sandwich.  Egg sandwich.

Recently, she’s added horses to the mix.  So that’s what she chose to do for her birthday party.  Ride horses.  Which means Ben had his work cut out for him because, as the resident French speaker, he had to do all the work to find a place for nine English speaking children to ride horses together and then have cupcakes.  And then it was my turn to do everything else.


It all worked out extremely well.  We found the perfect place within Mons, Le Domaine du Levant, that had the space to hold a party and I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for the event L had planned.  She’s not a pink, frilly girl.  So burlap brown and gold were the colors we worked with.  Add in the old mining buildings, all brick and rusty iron, and we had the perfect spot for a non-pink, non-frilly, nine year old girl’s horseback riding birthday party.

The girls were a little nervous at first, but once they all got used to being up on the horses, they had a great time.  I’m already getting phone numbers and information ready to pass out to the families of the girls who are now interested in riding.




And now my sweet boo-boo is officially nine years old (plus three weeks).  Next stop, double digits!  Has anyone ever successfully slowed down time before?  Because this is all starting to move a little too fast.

I suppose I should feel lucky that her horses interest stuck around long enough to make it through the party.  I’m not sure what I would have done if she had asked to ride dragons.





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