Summer Break is Coming…

The end of the school year gets me a little frazzled.  So many things get planned during that last month that I wonder just what the hell was happening during the rest of the year that these things couldn’t be sprinkled a little more evenly.  Field days, Greek plays, field trips, girl scout event after girl scout event.  Add in all those things I should have been keeping up with but slowly gave up on… reading logs, homework folders, Box Tops, hair cuts, decent lunches….  you would think I would long for summer break to get here.  Bup, bup, bup.  Not so fast.  Summer means that I have two kids in the house for two and a half months and I lose any and all alone time.  You think my house needs to be vacuumed now?  Just wait until August.  I love my children but they are slobs.

Come the first of June, I start counting down the days until they are home for the summer like this…

Only 22 days until I can’t go to any more yoga classes.

Only 16 days until I can’t go to the grocery store alone.

Only 9 more days until every Lego takes up residence in the living room.

Only 3 more days of quiet.


So, to keep my mind off the impending doom  season, we keep our free time filled with close-to-home activities.  Bike riding, geocaching, flower market strolling, park afternoons, tee ball games, brocante-ing.  The usual.


Met while geocaching.

Met while geocaching.

And Make A Wish.  SHAPE has adopted the Make A Wish Foundation as it’s annual charity.  It’s quite an event, centered around a 24 hour relay race.  Every country, plus some base offices, churches and groups, put together a team to run the track for a full 24 hours.

Our “close-to-home” plan is about to go out the window, though.  (Here’s a hint… “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday”.)


And if you have any ideas as to how to keep my children entertained this summer, send them my way.  The current countdown is “only 32 days until that Summer Plans Pinterest board needs to become a reality”.




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