Spain, part 1

Dig out the beach toys, put the Etsy shop on hold, pack the car to the brim, strap the bike to the top… it’s vacation time!


Holiday Road

This summer’s chosen destination was Calonge on the northeast coast of Spain, an approximately 15 hour drive from our home in Mons before you factor in lunch stops, gas stops, bathroom stops, traffic stops….  Let’s just say it took us a fair amount of time to get there, though we did plan for one overnight to cut the drive in two.  So, first stop, Millau, France.



Millau is the home of Le Viaduc de Millau, the world’s tallest bridge.  From the ground to the top of the tallest tower is 1,125 feet.  So, of course, we stopped to take a few pictures and find a geocache for good measure.


World’s Tallest Bridge?  Check!  Let’s go to the beach.

Calonge is in Spain.  However, the area of Spain in the northeast corner likes to pretend it’s not.  The people there consider themselves Catalans before they think of themselves as Spanish.  Catalonia is technically an “autonomous community”, sort of like a state within a country, or maybe more like a county?  The whole thing is confusing to me.  You know what else is confusing?  They have their own language.  Not a dialect or a strong accent, but their own language.  So those four years studying the Spanish language in high school?  Barely helped me at all.


Jellyfish Warning

As has become our custom on summer vacations, every day we chose a different beach.  Day one saw us on the closest beach, Platja de Sant Antoni.  On this very, very crowded stretch of sand we were, by far, the palest people there.


Day two saw us chasing down the sun.  Dark clouds threatened but Ben found us the one beach on the entire coast where it wasn’t raining.  Good man.  Tossa de Mar is a very nice resort town with it’s own medieval castle that looks down over the beach.  When the rain (and lightning and thunder) arrived we took a beach break, had some ice cream and waited.  On our way out of town, we took the carsickness route but it did afford us some incredible views.


Tossa de Mar




The rain decided to stick around the beaches the next day as well but the weather a little further south was looking just fine.  Seemed like a good time to visit Barcelona.  More on that to come.



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