Spain, part three

After our day in Barcelona we got back on our “new beach every day” schedule.  Next up, the coves just south of Calonge.  The coves are a little bit more difficult to get to.  Up and down stone steps and pathways, weaving through each full cove, looking for an empty piece of beach.  Seriously, I have never seen beaches so full of people.  Even the ones you had to hike to get to.  But still we found a nice spot to set our towels.

These are always my favorite kinds of beaches.  Smaller, protected, full of fish to find while snorkeling.  So, so pretty.



After climbing back out of our cove and up to the car, it was time for a quick dinner then a family petanque game.  We took our game set downtown to play by the local castle, because, wouldn’t you?  Add in a geocache and the Martins are happy.

After another day on the beach we spent the next evening in Peratallada, a medieval town full of cute shops and nice restaurants and a parking attendant who was clearly Spanish but spoke English with an unusually Borat-like accent.


Our last beach day was spent in Calella de Palafrugell on one of its tiny beaches called Port Bo.  Picturesque, as much of the Costa Brava proved to be.  I do feel the need to point out that they could double their beach space by making the fisherman leave their boats in the water rather than on the sand, but that would take away the scene from many of their postcards and people did seem to find sandy spots between the boats, so, who am I to tell them what to do?



And that’s about it for our summer trip to Spain.  The next day we packed it up, took a final dip in the pool and hit the road.  But France is a big country to drive through from the Spanish to Belgian border.  And you thought I was done…


4 thoughts on “Spain, part three

  1. Absolutely loved seeing your pics of beautiful Catalonia, actually made me a bit homesick and eager to return. I’ve been going there for the past twelve years and it has become a home away from home. Peratallada and Calella de Palafrugell are two beautiful spots, most tourists on visiting Costa Brava don’t even know about them. Much more authentic than the touristy parts of Costa Brave. If you ever return, Llafranc and Tamariu are also worth exploring, they are just beside Calella de Palafrugell. We hopped from one town to the next and they each have their own distinct look & feel, but all just beautiful!

    • We did spend a day on the beach in Llafranc. That was the one day I left my camera at home… sometimes I just want to splash in the water and not worry about whether I’ve hidden it well enough! It was a lovely town. Glad I could take you home through my pictures. We really enjoyed our time there but next time I think we’ll want to head back in September maybe? So we can really enjoy the beauty (and beaches) with fewer people around.

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