We’re back to weekend-only adventures.  A consequence of school starting and sucking up all the freedom.  So those two days do not get wasted, no sir.


Two weekends ago we made time for hiking boot and bike shopping, geocaching, an open house at a local fire station, 4:00’s in the rain, and a day in Brussels to visit the Titanic exhibit and the Atomium with the Richies.

This past weekend the calendar filled up with horseback riding lessons, SHAPEfest, a birthday celebration in Filot, dinner in Tournai, and the big brocante in Lille, France.  And when I say big I mean the biggest brocante in Europe.  And that is big.


Happy Birthday Charles!

Happy Birthday Charles!


Friterie Momo.  Star of the movie we watched just the night before that I really wish had been subtitled.

Friterie Momo… star of the movie we watched just the night before that I really wish had been subtitled.

My only complaint about the biggest brocante in Europe?  It’s too big.  Can you believe that came out of my mouth (fingers? brain?)?  A brocante that is too big?  What?  Yes.  It only lasts for a day and a half and it goes on and on and on.  We saw maybe 20 percent of it.  And there were SO many people.  At one point we were involved in what can only be described as a human traffic jam.  A mass coming from the right and a mass coming from the left and couple of food lines cutting straight down the middle made for a total standstill.  I mean, how am I supposed to pick through people’s old junk in those conditions?  I found a way.  We came home with an old wooden apple picking basket that I love, a perfectly chippy café au lait bowl, another addition to my old white serving bowl collection, and another item we’ve been looking for–a huge, old school poster of Belgium.  Where I will hang it is anyone’s guess.

What’s on tap for this weekend?  More horses, more birthday,  more cousins, probably more geocaches.  I guess it’s a good thing we only have two days to fill.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

Not a single one of us thought to point toward the giant iceberg or “King of the World!” it up? Shameful.


3 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. Aah – some of those photos of Lille look familiar… but some definitely don’t. As you say, it is too big and who would have thought such a thing would be possible? I struck out on my own on the sunday afternoon – my friend having flagged and retired back to the appartment we’d rented – but I got lost and ended up in the cheap and tacky Braderie bit and also the retail section where, unheard of in rural France at least, the shops were open *shock, horror*. Thus I spent a valuable hour and a half stuck in crowds and with no interest in the stalls surrounding me and by the time I made it back to the brocante section, everybody was packing up. Were you shocked by the litter? They didn’t clear up on Saturday evening so, on Sunday, it was all still there.

  2. We got there just after opening time on Saturday so the litter hadn’t piled up yet. Still, I can imagine what it looked like on Sunday afternoon. We did manage to stay out of the braderie section. It’s always a shock to be strolling along, admiring people’s junk and then suddenly realize you’ve stumbled on a clearance rack from a lingerie store. Hope you picked up a few good things before the packing up began!

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