The Rest of September

Even with school in full swing, and sometimes even because school is in session, we filled our September days.

Horseback Riding Lessons


Canadian School Field Trip to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War I



Thomas’ Birthday



Boy Scouts

King Phillipe and Queen Mathilde  of Belgium came to SHAPE

108_0010 - Copy

The Phils chatting

The Phils chatting

Forever running into professional bike races


And now, here comes October.  My favorite time of the year.  And just you wait til you see what’s coming at the end of the month…



2 thoughts on “The Rest of September

  1. Thanks for your latest blog and as you know, I love reading them.  What a pretty woman the queen of Belgium is.  I like the pictures of L. on the horse.  Does she like riding and  did she see the Queen.  Youe mother said the children are happy in their schools and that must easier for all..

    • She looks forward to riding every Saturday! She’s definitely still a little nervous, though. Both kids got to see the Queen as she walked through the school. They were lining the hallways inside and the other schools were lined up along the walkway up to the school. Every student had a flag of their own country. It’s quite an international experience over here!

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