Early October

October is usually a homey sort of month.  School is in full swing, the days are getting shorter, there’s that certain fall-like chill that sends you home from the playground a little earlier.  Adventure takes a backseat when the throw blankets make their way to the couch and that’s the way I like it.  We’ve brought out the fall and Halloween story books to read before bedtime and even they put you in the mood for homebound adventure with their tales of harvest fairs or an autumn walk before the sun goes down or trick or treating through the neighborhood.  Even my absolute favorite Halloween book, The Bones of Fred McFee, is just spooky enough without ever leaving the backyard.

So close to home is how we’re playing it… for another few days.

From a Saturday afternoon just downtown to a Sunday afternoon in the park.  Sleepovers, walks in the woods, and a Halloween party offering the first chance for strutting about be-costumed.  And far, far away from our home, the kid’s 23rd first cousin was born.  That’s a lot of cousins.  Guess how many are from my side of the family…. Two.  Welcome Madeleine Rose..

So here are just a few from October.

"Anyone know where freshmen orientation is?"  (And that's exactly how I'll see him when he does go off to college.)

“Anyone know where freshmen orientation is?” (And that’s exactly how I’ll see him when he does go off to college.)


Now, that’s all well and good.  Home, cozy, warm… but isn’t there a school break coming up?  Why, yes.  All Saint’s Recess has returned and this time we’ve planned a traveling vacation based around my favorite holiday.  Not every husband would be willing to take this trip to satisfy his wife’s fondness for Halloween.  (Thank you, Honey.)

Care to wager a guess as to where we’re headed?

(I promise a hint very soon…)


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